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Unleash Your Ambition: Online Business | Mindset | Success | Lifestyle | Stacie Walker

Mar 27, 2021

When I started my business way back in 2008 money was tight. Those were the days of eating a lot of rice and ramen noodles for my family. Yuck! But I am grateful because we were able to fill our bellies.

Despite not having the cash flow to invest in my business, I learned how to be very resourceful.

Lisa Zawrotny is joining me for this episode to have a conversation about three smart ways to invest in your business and accelerate your success.

Lisa became a coach and speaker after a deeply overwhelming time in her own life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver, wife, mother, and business owner.

She is now on a mission to help her overwhelmed audience make space for what matters in their lives by teaching value-based decluttering and customized systems and habits design.

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